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Corporate Update

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Intercare Launches a New Feelings-Based Dementia Care Model

Intercare has recently partnered with Dementia Care Matters (DCM), a global leader in dementia care, on the introduction of a 'Butterfly Continuing Care Home Project'. The one (1) year Butterfly Project was officially launched on November 16, 2016 at Intercare's Southwood Care Centre on the Willow Park Unit for Residents with dementia. 

Originally founded by Dr. David Sheard in the United Kingdom (UK), the Butterfly Model is a proven methodology whose outcome  measures have been shown to dramatically improve the overall quality of life for persons with dementia through purposeful human interactions. For more than two (2) decades, the Butterfly Model has been gaining international recognition as it provides opportunities for meaningful engagement and purpose to persons with dementia, supporting not just their physical needs, but emotional needs as well. The model represents a “feeling -based” approach that focuses on understanding, acknowledging and embracing human feelings of those with dementia. The need for this type of change is highlighted in the Standing Senate Committee Report released this November entitled “Dementia in Canada—A National Strategy for Dementia Friendly  Communities”.

For Intercare, the introduction of the Butterfly Model completely aligns with the organization’s purpose, philosophy of care and core values. As an organization, Intercare is committed to a philosophy of service that promotes person-centred care and an openness to new ideas and approaches that allow us to best serve and address the needs of our Residents with dementia.  By embracing the Butterfly Model, Intercare will have access to, and embark upon, new and valuable learnings and insights into how best to care for and celebrate the lives of our Residents with dementia.

With the advent of the Butterfly Model Project, Intercare staff will be educated on the importance of engaging with the residents on a deeper, feelings-based level and work to create meaningful experiences while providing emotional support. We are confident that the Butterfly Model has the potential to improve the lives of our Residents by giving them a greater sense of meaning and purpose.  We also anticipate family members will see and experience the improvement to their loved one’s quality of life, such as increased moments of deep connection and the ability to celebrate their joy and accomplishments.

Intercare is proud to be the first long term care provider in Canada to introduce the Butterfly Model for residents with dementia.

Intercare is regularly evaluated by Accreditation Canada, on a cyclical basis, against a set of national standards of excellence in the provision of quality health care services and commitment to safety.

In February 2017 all Intercare facilities and programs were awarded full Accreditation with ‘Exemplary Standing’ by Accreditation Canada.


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